Posted by: mrpeatie | April 2, 2008

A Post with Custom Termnologyness

Fake words are great. Usually forged through pop culture, they find their way into our daily lexicon blurring the lines between proper English and all out verbal chaos. Some recent examples are ba-donka-donk, which was popularized by Tracy Morgan. Stephen Colbert gave us truthiness. I heard the word trumor for the first time the other day whilst watching my favorite video podcast. Fake words can even become real words as Home Simpson’s iconic ‘D’oh!’ was added to the Webster Dictionary in 2002. And I don’t care what anyone says, but George Bush’s strategery is a real word. Got any favorites that I missed?

There are a couple scenarios that I’ve come across that need a word or term. These aren’t meant to be as epic or funny as the terms above, but they’re common occurances that happen to us regular folk that deserve some sort of term to properly describe them.

The first occurs when driving. It will often happen after a long day at work and you are commuting home on the same route you’ve taken a million times. Your mind will start to wander as you think about your day, what’s for dinner, what’s on TV tonight, whatever, and when you come out of this coma like state you realize you are 5 miles down the road and don’t have any recollection of driving for the last few minutes. It was as if you hit the autopilot button. It’s a scary thought really. The bossman brought this up to me a few months back and I could immediately relate and most everyone we’ve talked to about this has had a similar experience. It freaked me out so much, that every time I drive home from work now, I make a concerted effort to focus solely on the road because odds are, someone else isn’t. What should we call this coma like state of driving?

The second one is a bit more obscure and I may be the only one who is affected by it. It happens when I drop a small item, usually a coin, a piece of food, or some important, but really tiny piece of equipment that I vitally need to put something together. When I look down at my feet, which is where the item should be as it fell from my hands which were directly above my feet, the item is not there. I take a step back to scan a 3 foot radius in which the item must be in, and it’s not there. I will then get pissed off and drop to my knees to begin searching more thoroughly and still no luck. At this point I’m furious and begin to talk out loud (often with profanity) about the laws of physics and how the frickin’ item should be right fugging here and can’t possibly be anywhere else. I start looking farther away and then finally there it is, 10 feet away behind a chair, or piece of furniture, or some other object that it shouldn’t have possibly fallen behind.  Does this just happen to me? Any ideas on what to call this annoying occurance?


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