Posted by: mrpeatie | March 29, 2008

Gnats Marching

I awoke early on this mild march morn, brushed my teeth, bite to eat and I was rolling. I headed downtown to the box office at Joe Riley Stadium and made my way to the end of a surprisingly short line. The line was there to purchase tickets for the Dave Matthews Band concert that was to be held there on July 4th. Waiting in any line generally sucks but, for the most part, this was an enjoyable experience. The people were friendly and we were all excited about the opportunity to see one of our favorite bands practically in our back yard.

Unfortunately the mild temperatures and lack of wind made it perfect conditions for gnats (a.k.a no-see-ums). I hate these little bastards. Most creatures have a reason for existing (think bees and pollination) but why do gnats exist? They are godless, soulless creatures that serve no purpose. They just fly around looking to bite you. And you’d think while they were searching around looking for a place to bite me, they’d notice the dead carcasses of dozens of their brethren who died a horrible, miserable death at the hands of my hands and think, ‘hey this might not be a good idea’.

Anyway, where was I? Oh right DMB tickets. The box office opened promptly at 10am and within 15 minutes I was walking away, tickets in hand. I was in communication with Snug T the whole time as he was up in Greenville successfully procuring tickets online. It should be a fun 4th of July weekend here in Charleston with Dave and the boyz.



  1. I’m really glad you got the tix…now you just have to get past sox to end up in the box.

    Gnats as Food:

  2. Nice. We just need more hummingbirds in the world. I think I’ve seen maybe 3 my whole life. Maybe I can train one to follow me around during the summer to eat any gnats that come near me.

  3. The offical DMB site has this show listed as ‘SOLD OUT’. I got my tix suckas!

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