Posted by: mrpeatie | March 27, 2008

The Skies the Limit

I remember when Google Maps came out thinking it was the coolest thing evar. I loved being able to zoom around my hometown or my current town and see a recent satellite or aerial photo checking everything out from above. Google Earth upped that by providing 3-D images of the entire planet.

Well those crafty people over at Google recently released a new Internet app called Google Sky. It’s pretty much Google Maps in space. The zoomed out view displays a rather barren night sky, but zooming in reveals all the wondrous mysteries of the cosmos. A couple of neat features at the bottom allow you to zoom into prominent features like planets, stars, constellations, and famous Hubble images.

Tis very cool.

Milky Way


  1. Chris,
    Google Sky is gangbusters and the rendition of the Buggle images is one of the best seen online.

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