Posted by: mrpeatie | March 21, 2008

To All My Peeps

I hope this blog post finds you well on this Good Friday and I hope you have a blessed Easter Weekend. Something is amiss though. It just doesn’t feel like Easter. It’s too early on the calendar this year. The weather doesn’t feel right for this springtime holiday.  I won’t be spending it with my family like normal and I’ll be missing out on all the glorious Easter candy so maybe that is why I’m not feeling the Easter spirit.

The thing I love most about Easter is the candy off course (with the whole Jesus dying for our sins, then coming back to life as a zombie thing a close 2nd). The candy is all so unique. The other holidays just re-package their normal offerings with Christmas, Halloween, or Arbor Day colors but Easter candy stands on its own. Jelly Beans could be the greatest candy concoction ever crafted. I am generally a healthy dude and make good decisions with what I eat, but I have little will power when it comes to jelly beans. I love the Cadbury crème eggs as well and is there anything better then some peeps?

Peeps come in different colors but are they really different flavors? I have gotten into heated arguments over this. I don’t think there is any taste difference. I mean they are just changing the sugar by adding tasteless food coloring. They don’t alter the sweet, soft marshmallow peep core so how do they allegedly taste any different? I’m toying with the idea of having a blindfolded taste test to see if people can tell the difference between the colored peeps they are eating. 

peep show


  1. I learned the other day that some peeps (people, not the candy) like their peeps stale and will purposely punch a hole in the wrapper to make this happen. Apparently, I’m in the minority because I like my peeps as soft and fresh as possible. Thought this was an in interesting revelation.

  2. […] My fondness for Easter candy, specifically Peeps, is well documented. For the longest time I cursed the fine people who make Peeps for only allowing their delicious […]

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