Posted by: mrpeatie | March 20, 2008

View from the Office

The office where I work is an endless maze of grey, sterile cubes. I sat in one of these cubes for about 5 years. Our department recently moved and I got placed in an office. This isn’t as glamorous or impressive as it sounds. It’s a small office and I have to share it with my boss. And that isn’t as bad as it sounds because the bossman is one cool, laid back dood and it’s rare that he ever actually feels like a boss in any way.

The office has its drawbacks. I miss out on a lot of office banter that will often contain those juicy office rumors. I miss out on the random, insanely hot female walking by (I swear there is some machine in the basement that mass produces smoking hot 22 year olds every day as they are everywhere). But one of the perks of the office is the view. I went from staring at a grey cube wall to this… 



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