Posted by: mrpeatie | March 11, 2008

DMB to play at The Joe

The Dave Matthews Band will be coming to Charleston this summer! Dave hasn’t visited since an acoustic show at the Gilliard in 1999. Since then, the closest the band has come to Charleston was midweek shows in Charlotte and Raleigh during their recent summer tours. I was checking out their website earlier today to see this year’s summer tour schedule and make sure there weren’t any surprises.

Much to my surprise a July 4 stop at Joe Riley Stadium right here in lovely Charleston, SC was on the calendar. The Joe isn’t the largest of venues either which is all the more surprising. I mean the band did play at Fenway Park 2 years ago and they usually play at larger, outdoor stadium and performing arts center venues. Tickets go on sale later this month. I imagine they will be hard to get but I will surely try.

I got into Dave and the Band at the height of their national popularity in the mid-90’s. This was also the time I started to learn to play guitar so the combination of listening and learning to play their music during those glorious college years will forever make me a DMB fan despite the less then stellar appeal of their recent studio work.



  1. Hey, I’m a DMB fan too! =) I really like the songs they play especially Ants Marching. Good for you that you can play their music. I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar but I dont want to go through those private lessons. Well, there’s hope for people like me. Guitar Wizard is coming out this fall. Guitar Wizard is a video game which teaches how to play the guitar and read notes as well. You can play virtually any song with Guitar Wizard. So, a few more months to wait and I’ll be playing one of DMB’s songs. =)

  2. Thanks for the link. I didn’t know about that new game. I’m always baffled at these kids who spend hours and hours mastering guitar hero on the hardest difficulty. If they spent half that time learning the guitar they could play it for real. Guitar Wizard could be cool. I like how you can import any song.

  3. […] at Joe Riley Stadium and made my way to the end of a surprisingly short line. The line was there to purchase tickets for the Dave Matthews Band concert that was to be held there on July 4th. Waiting in any line generally sucks but, for the most part, […]

  4. […] With the Dave Matthews Band concert at Joe Riley Stadium just a few months away, this could be a return to the concert scene for many […]

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