Posted by: mrpeatie | February 11, 2008

Table Topics 2.11.08

This is an old Table Topics question I posed a couple years ago. Very challenging coming up with something quickly as there are so many possibilities. I love how it can give insight into a person’s musical tastes.

If you could be responsible for creating any one song over the last 100 years what would it be and why? Go.

It’s not easy when you have only a few seconds to come up with something. Do you pick a song by your favorite artist because you love their work? Do you pick a song by the Beatles or some other hugely successful band in order to live off the royalties? Or do you pick a current pop song because you can’t think of anything else?

One of the more interesting answers I received when I posed this question at our local Toastmasters club meeting was the song ‘Happy Birthday’.



  1. My good buddy JP was visiting a few weeks back and I posed this question to him. He chose ‘Amazing Grace’ which I thought was a pretty solid answer.

  2. […] I was glad I didn’t get called on to answer the table topics question though. Man, was it hard. The questions were given by the crafty gentlemen who won the Table Topics contest back in February by answering the question I posed. […]

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