Posted by: mrpeatie | February 8, 2008

Moving up in the world

Google finally got its act together and picked up this little blog in its search algorithms. I’m now officially on the 2nd page of search results. There is still a long way to climb to beat the serial rapist with my name. There is also some lame actor from Law and Order up there to make this endeavor even more challenging. We are at least making progress.



  1. Are you suggesting that I am “lame” as a commentary on my performance or because of the show in which I appeared?

    If you are commenting on my perfomance, you should know from looking at my IMDB page that I am not an actor. I am an executive producer that was asked to fill in on a spot by an old friend who happens to produce the show. If you didn’t like my performance, so be it. While I think labeling me as “lame” in a public forum for a bit part in a single episode is rather childish, acting is not my raison d’etre so I’m OK with it.

    But if you are suggesting that Law and Order is lame, you might want to do a little research next time before you start hurling insults. Law and Order is one of the most successful shows in television history and is currently the longest running primetime drama on TV. It has been so successful, in fact, that it spun off three other shows, two of which have also been huge successes. By any guage of measurement- viewship, longevity, revenue, etc.- the Law & Order franchise has proven itself to be anything but lame.

    I only hope next time you will think twice before you so callously comment on other people- Chris Donahue namesake notwithstanding.

    • Just for your benefit Mr. Donahue. Your portrayal as Max Edgars was inspiring. Your performance in the witness box was some of the best acting I have seen in what was until more recently was the best show on television.


  2. I bet you suck at foosball, too.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Mr. Donahue! If you are truly who you claim to be, I hardly see how me callously calling you lame warrants such a lengthy (albeit well crafted) retort, as all of two people will probably ever see this. I’m sure the entertainment industry is a lot harsher, even on executive producers. Get over it.

    And I don’t recall mentioning that I play foosball anywhere. Nevetheless, attacking said foosball skills is akin to attacking my manhood.

  4. I just watched a Law & Order rerun, and googled Christopher Donahue, as I thought he did a nice turn as the homeless man in the episode. Anyway if you happen to read this Mr. Donahue, your performance was anything but lame. And I agree, Law & Order is excellent.

    Also, I can intuit from this blog that this guy sucks at foosball!

  5. Stone Manly is an awesome name. Almost too awesome.

  6. Darwinian – this episode was shown tonite. I’ve seen it several times. The witness box performance is incredible and moves me deeply. Mr. Donohue nailed.the exact feelings I endured from 1984-1984, feelings I was never able to express with such clarity. i’ve probably watched well over 100, maybe 200 episodes (many multiple times) of L&O and L&O SVU and this is the defining moment that hit me the hardest. The only other scene that gripped me this hard is perhaps the one where the woman cancer doc kills the guy so he can be with the children. She ‘snapped’ and couldnt bear that all her patients died. It is a great scene at the end. But the Chris Donahue scene is personal for me and I love it. Thank you Mr. D.

  7. Uh….. the Christopher Donahue on L & O who is so kindly complimented in these posts is DIFFERENT than the Christopher Donahue who publishes this blog.

  8. …and is NOT the same Christopher Donahue who filled in as a favor to friend. Definitely NOT lame.

  9. So, Chris Donahue/mrpeatie, don’t fling around nasty comments til you know who you are talking about. GEEZ.

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