Posted by: mrpeatie | February 2, 2008

Political Compass

Yeah politics. I tend to avoid political discussions. While I have my views and perspectives, I’m just not passionate enough about most of it to engage in any sort of meaningful discourse with friends or acquaintances. However, we are in the midst of our nation’s presidential election cycle so politics can be hard to avoid these days.

I can’t recall where I came across this site, but is worth checking out. After taking 5 minutes or so to answer questions, it plots your political views on a grid. It also shows where people like Gandhi, Hitler, W, The Pope, and many other world leaders would end up on the grid. It offers a pretty cool and interesting perspective on your political views.



  1. It turns out if I were a country based on my political compass, I’d be Switzerland. I’m almost completely centrists on both the x- and y-axis. I skew ever so slightly right on the x-axis.

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